8 Things You Should Never Do to Your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and protects us against nature’s elements.  While it seems simple to look after the skin on your face and body, great skin starts with breaking bad habits. Here are some simple things we can avoid doing, to have the best skin ever:

1. Pick or touch the face

This is straightforward at face value (get it? Haha), but actually has a lot of scientific proof. Our fingers are very sensitive and pick up the tiniest germs and bacteria from many surfaces. Even with proper hand washing and sanitary products, our fingertips absorb oils and dirt from the environment. Just think what would happen if all that grime was transferred onto our faces! The dirt would seep into our fine pores, eventually leading to clogged pores. These can lead to breakouts, acne and a plethora of other skin issues. Hand. Away. From. Face.


2. Expose skin to the sun without sunscreensunscreen

The sun is beneficial to us in many ways, but leaving the skin unprotected can lead to skin problems. Depending on your genes, some women may tan easily or become sunburnt, causing the skin to weaken. Recovering from a sunburn can be painful for most people- peeling skin is no fun at all. Sunscreen acts as a layer of protection, reducing the risk of skin cancers, like melanoma. Remember, sun-sible (ahem, sensible) people wear sunscreen!


3. Forget to exfoliate.

Exfoliating is an important step in your skincare regimen that should not be ignored. Once a week, after cleansing your face, use the Alveu Scrub from Modvier. Rub gently in circular motions to lift dirt from pores. Rinse the face and pat dry with a face towel.

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It is important to exfoliate the face, but the body needs some loving, too! Our skin gets tired, and every week, you should pamper your body with an exfoliating session. And no, this doesn’t mean going to the salon. There is an affordable, quicker and easier option- the Bean Rush Coffee Scrub, available at Modvier. Rub the sweet scent of coffee and essential oil blend into your skin. Then, scrub, scrub, scrub away the impurities. With this coffee scrub, you can really wake up to the smell of coffee!



4. Smoke

It is true that the foods we consume impact our appearance- we are what we eat. Smoking has many health drawbacks, mainly affecting the liver, stomach and lungs, along with other parts of the body. But did you know that by smoking, our skin’s health is dramatically reduced? Studies show that smokers age quicker, with fine lines and wrinkles appearing earlier and reduced skin elasticity and collagen production being other noticeable skin issues. Do your skin a favour and quit smoking today.


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5. Sleep with makeup on

Now this is a big issue that makeup lovers have. Removing makeup before you sleep is an absolute must. Makeup left on the skin overnight can cause pores to clog, which we already know can cause new skin issues or worsen existing skin problems. Keep a pack of makeup remover pads on your bedside table to make cleansing a breeze and never sleep with makeup again. Your beauty sleep starts with a clean face!


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6. Eat processed food

Processed food contains high amounts of sugar, sodium and fat that all show up in our complexion. Eating these types of foods often may cause your skin to look tired or dull. Gradually replace processed food with healthy snacks. Eventually, your body will depend less on the sugar spike that most processed food gives- leading to a healthier, fresher, and newer you. Plus, your skin will thank you for it!

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7. Stress out

Ahh, stress! The latest paper you have to write or your busy work schedule does not have to impact your health. Take time out every day to de-stress. Step away from your work desk, take a walk and do some dhikr. By refreshing your mind, your skin will appear more radiant. Take it easy, okay?

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8. Consume excess sugar, dairy, salt, alcohol, or caffeine

Everything we eat or drink should be in moderation, and this includes sugar, dairy, salt, alcohol or caffeine. Instead of resorting to unhealthy foods or overloading on sweets, try replacing with low sugar options. Water should be consumed often, as our bodies are made up of eighty per cent water!

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Words by Fadilla Abdullah


going BOLD! its easy

ramai yg tak berani pakai bold coloured lipstick kan?

heres some tips!



( credit pic : )


First, consider the tone of the lipstick. Cool-toned lipcolors tend to look better on people with cool-toned complexions. Warm-toned lipcolors have more yellow or orange in them, and tend to work well on those with warm-toned skin

Macamana nak tau says cool toned ke warm toned?

Check the veins on the inside of your wrist: if they look blue, you have cool-toned skin; if they look green, you have warm-toned skin. If you think they are both,  congratulations, you have a neutral skin tone and can do whatever you like!


Exfoliate ! Pakailah any lip scrub dulu, pastu letak lipbalm kejap for few minutes before apply lipstick



( choose a neutral coloured lip balm )


sebab nak highlight lips kan, so make sure you wear very minimal eye and cheeks makeup, kalau semua bold tu mcm nak pg award show hehehhee



sebab colour bold senang nampak pudar, so always bring the lipstick with you!

be CONFIDENT, you look awesome



till then, xoxo

traditionally professional

you suka yg mana?

kalau kerja government atau bidang pendidikan selalunya pilih traditional.

kalau yg kerja private sector, suka berpakaian modern, pants dgn top, atau dress menjadi pilihan

dua2 pun sesuai untuk ke tempat kerja , asalkan tutup aurat ye dok?

yela…nnti tak fokus pulak org lain nak buat kerja


zeza kebaya set dari Inhanna . ada yg plain, ada yg ada dokoh detailings mcm dlm gambar ni.

traditional design, yg ada unsur modern, sebab dis guna fabrik crepe yang minimal ironing mcm selalu brands guna buat jubah tu.

yg fabulousnya sebab boleh jgk lenkali pakai top kebaya tu dengan seluar dan kain tu pun sama boleh jd skirt sebab dia mermaid cut. dapat lebih dr 2 looks , untunglaaaahhhhhhhh.


ni latest skali koleksi GobokByFarraHaneem, Bhumi Kebaya. Personal fave kami sebab dia ada twist modern on a traditional kebaya. Material organza linen, senang kedut sikit tapi selesa dia tahap max. kena pakai inner kalau anda bertudung tau.

Bila pakai satu set, mmg keayuan terserlah sbb kain dia prints songket tapi menggunakan cotton so again, keselesaan tahap maximum. Sama jgk mcm Zeza Kebaya boleh mix match secara kasual, so lain kali bolehla pakai dgn jeans ke, seluar slack ke. UNTUNG JUGAKKK !


yg ni koleksi MMBasic. MMBasic dari mula kemunculan dalam dunia fesyen , mmg terkenal dgn kurung modern. Walaupun simple, tapi selalunya yg buatkan MMBasic punya kurung menarik di mata kami adalah material, prints yg digunakan dan cutting dia. Sesuai dgn every body type dan taste prints tu mmg selalunya TERBAIK. banyak sgt corak menarik, mmg sesuai nk pakai pg office or pakai pg kenduri during weekends.


ni brand yg meletop2 kat MODVIER KUANTAN, MINIMALACE. pun terkenal dengan koleksi kurung. kami feature kat sini Zandra Kurung. Kurung Modern dengan multi stripe detailing kat bahagian bawah. Potongan ni mcm kebaya tapi tak ada opening kt depan. Kelainan yg boleh best! Personally suka kaler hitam ni sebab bila pakai satu set mcm dress pulak kan.

Kesimpulannya, ada banyak range traditional wear yang boleh kits sesuaikan untuk ke office. Kalau nak suntik modern look, bole pairing kan dengan seluar slack ataupun skirt. EH … tapi taknak tau pakai baju kurung dengan blazer. NO NO NO. Baju kurung tu dah formal dah 🙂


1. pilih material yg selesa sebab kita kan kerja 8 jam, jadi seeloknya pakai yg ada unsur kapas

2. pilih cutting yg tidal terlalu ketat , selesa nak bergerak, nak solat dan taknakla buat org lain hilang tumpuan hehehhee

3. Pakai warna yg tidak terlalu BOLD, pastel atau warna neutral yg plg bagus, terutamanya kalau ada urusan rasmi atau meeting dengan orang penting supaya nampak lebih professional. Maknanya, warna pink ok, tapi jgnlah pakai warna NEON YELLOW hehehehe

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5 instant shawl WAJIB TRY!

Sebab ramai masuk pintu MODVIER BANGSAR atau MODVIER KUANTAN mesti tanya, instant shawl mana paling best dan senang pakai? jadi…. kami bagi jawapan 5 instant shawl yg available kat sini. Senang nnti nak pilih


TUDUNG PEOPLE Sanaa Lilac, sarung, pusingkan sikit bahagian diamond ke bahu, pin. Effect ruffle kat dada yang lawa sgt. Diamond tu mmg high quality diamond, basuh machine pun susah tanggal . ( tapi saya basuh tangan sebab sayang ) . Material Cotton Spandex awning lembut so boleh pakai byk size muka. Walaupun kena iron sikit, material dia mmg sejuk, sesuai dgn cuaca Malaysia kejap hujan kejap panas, paling sesuai untuk mommies yg busy , nak bergaya tapi rushing selalu !

Harga : RM 69.00

Warna : Lilac , Azure, Cherry dgn Silver

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SUGARSCARF Madison Juliette Instant Shawl. Ni sama mcm plain Madison, tapi Juliette tu namanya kalau dia printed. Material sejuk sama mcm Sanaa. Prints byk colourful dan ceria. Sesuai pakai dengan baju plain atau jubah simple. Jangan pakai dengan baju corak2 tau! Cara pakai memang guna satu pin shj, pusing pin siap . SUGARSCARF mmg pelopor Instant Shawl, so, mestilah pioneer shawl dia best2 tak gitu!

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Corak : BANYAK!

Location : MODVIER Bangsar


NAELOFAR Babes & Basic Printed . Ni mmg brand instant kegilaan ramai. Sebab Neelofa pakai ke? Mungkin jugak. Tapi Material dia semua best. Banyak jugak tiruan kt pasar malam, tapi Naelofar Hijab jugak menjadi pujaan peminat instant hijab. Material mmg cotton spandex lycra. Lembut. senang bentuk dan banyak corak menarik. Senang nak pakai sarung pusing siap, guna satu pin jugak. Kalau corak tu selalunya mmg tak perlu iron pon. Sesuai pakai casual, pakai kerja, pakai pg makan, pg holiday, mandi laut, pg tgk banyaklah kesesuaian. Awning lembut jugak jadi senang bentuk ikut muka memasing.

Harga : RM 79 sekarang tengah clearance SALE!



MMBasic Thaharah Orked Shawl . First time MMBasic keluarkan a full range modest line termasuk Thaharah Orked Shawl ni. Material dia Cotton lycra yg lembut, sgt sgt sejuk, ada lace kat bahagian awning lembut tu dan inner dia ada tali boleh adjust ikut bentuk muka dan kepala. Jadi, one size mmg fits all. tak lah longgar atau terlalu ketat. Workmanship dia… mmg terbaik. sebenarnya kalau tengok dari jarak dekat semua product MMBasic highlighnya adalah workmanshipnya. Semi-instant so perlu dalam 2 pin, inner dia attach dgn shawl tapi masih mudah untuk dipakai 🙂

Price : RM 79

Colour : Merah, Blush Pink , Cream ( buat masa sekarang )

Location : Modvier Bangsar, Modvier Kuantan


Rienanda Medina Semi Instant Shawl. Ni pulak yg macam org dok panggil tudung dua muka tuh. sarung first part, pastu twist dan sarung second part. Material lain sikit dengan instant yg kami feature kat atas tu, dia guna chiffon. Kena pakai dengan inner, kalau tak rambut terpacak keluar pulak ye dok. Exclusive dan dressy sikitlah.. boleh bawak casual dan glamer. Perlu satu sahaja peniti nak bagi dia stay.

Harga : RM 50 per piece kalau beli 3 RM 120 katanya

Colour : TOOO MANY

Location : Modvier Bangsar


whats in my big bag?

So, flying on a jet plane

What do i need?

Sugarscarf‘s Instant Madison Shawl : its easy to st12143304_1021719007850780_1904730206220737899_nyle, only one pin is needed, comfortable and minimal ironing needed

Darshah’s Snake Skin Clutch Bag : comes with a strap for casual outings and strapless for a glam night out!

Verystyle Vintage’s Chunky Necklace : add that extra umphhhh to my outfit

FCC Malaysia’s Perfume : Of course one needs to always carry one!

The Bean Rush : Lips Scrub , especially when travelling u tend to get dehydrated easily, so this is the perfect solutions for chap lips ( psssttt the coffee flavour and smell is just TDF! )

CHUNK IN ALL IN MY HUGE SUNKISSED YELLOW SAKURA MALAYSIA BAG ( with a longer strap for easy wearing yeays ) . its leather, just use baby wipes if it gets dirty. how easy right?